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about barbour vineyard

st. helena is an ideal place for growing cabernet sauvignon. located in the northern part of napa valley and flanked by the mayacamas and vaca mountain ranges, its width narrows to as little as a half mile.

barbour vineyard is located on the west side of the valley, just south of the town of st. helena and benefits from lingering warm air reflecting off the western hillside, tempered by mild marine winds in the evening. it’s gravelly and loamy soils are the perfect environment for growing grapes with a good balance of acid and sugar.

jim planted the vineyard in 1992 and selected clone 7 budwood from grace family vineyards, a vineyard he developed several years prior.  barbour vineyard is dry-farmed and sustainably grown, producing a meager yield of one to two tons-per-acre.  the resulting fruit offers beautifully concentrated flavors.

the vineyard's first harvest was in 1995 and yielded just three-quarters of a ton and 50 cases of cabernet.  today, at full maturity, the vineyard produces approximately 300 cases of wine.